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Not the Joneses

There is a point in your life when you realize life isn’t exactly how you imagined it as a child. It’s that point when you look around and reality smacks you in the face. This isn’t where I thought I would end up at 29. This looks nothing like the old farm houses and fields in all my day dreams with country  music soundtracks. No, my life is slightly different. It looks a lot more like scene from, “Edward Scissorhands,” where the camera pans out to show the cookie cutter homes and identical, albeit different colored, vehicles or like the opening credits from, “Weeds”. Just like that I am living in some kind of suburban alternate universe.

I can’t change where I live- not at this point in my life at least and I am most certainly not going to change the person I am to match the ideals and lifestyles of the Joneses around me. I am a dirt playing, tree hugging, all natural crunchy mama. While my neighbors waste their time with trivial pursuits, I am reading, researching and doing things around my home and yard that will increase the health and well being of those who dwell here. While the people in this community give into convenience, I am gardening, composting, cooking from scratch and taking the extra time to make my own cleaning products, pesticides and health and beauty products.

Yes. My life is simple. My ideals are wholesome. I am my own legacy. This is my journey that I wish to share with you. The ups and downs of my attachment parenting style, the struggle with my brown thumbs and the successes (and failures) of my natural, organic lifestyle!

I hope to inform and maybe entertain all who visit my little space on the net.

Happy Spring!



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